Clotilde Calabi is a philosopher interested in theories of action and collective intentionality.

Camilla Colombo is a philosopher interested in ethics, rationality and cognition.

Marcello D'Agostino is a logician working on reasoning, probability, economic theory, and many other topics.

Paolo Di Lucia is a philosopher interested in pragmatics and social ontology.

Franco Donzelli is an economist working on the history of microeconomics and choice theory.

Anika Fiebich is a philosopher interested in social cognition in (inter)action and cooperation.

Antonio Filippin is an economist working on cooperation, group identity, and decision under uncertainty.

Fabio Franchino is a political scientist working on institutions and mechanism design.

Francesco Guala is a philosopher and economist interested in experimental methodology and the nature of institutions. (Director. Enquiries at francesco.guala at

Luca Guzzardi is a philosopher who works primarily on the history and philosophy of modern science.

Hykel Hosni is a logician interested in uncertain reasoning.

Corrado Sinigaglia is a philosopher interested in social cognition and the neural basis of social action.

Giuliano Torrengo is a philosopher working on metaphysics and social ontology.

Sandro Zucchi is a philosopher of language who works on semantics.