Past events

Fall 2018

20 September: Dan Sperber  (CEU - Jean Nicod), "Human Rationality in an Evolutionary Perspective".

Summer 2018

21 June: Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine) "Political Obligation and the Existence of Law".

21 June: Book Symposium on Margaret Gilbert's Rights and Demands, with Margaret Gilbert (UC Irvine), Francesca De Vecchi (San Raffaele), Marco Colombetti (Politecnico), Paolo di Lucia (Milano), Itzel Garcia (UC Irvine), Adelaide de Lastic (Paris), Chiara Raucea (Tilburg).

4-5  June: Workshop “Communication and Cooperation”, with Glenda Satne (UAH/University of Wollonggong), Abraham Roth (Ohio State University), Matteo Bianchin (University of Milano-Bicocca), Olle Blomberg (Lund University), Anja Berninger (University of Stuttgart), Filip Buekens (KU Leuven/TIPS), Maria Chiara Bruttomesso (University of Verona), Silvia Tossut (Università San Raffaele), Borut Tripn (Lublijana University), Axel Seeman (Bentley University), Marija Jankovic (Davidson College), Sandy Berkovski (Bilkent University).

Spring 2018

16 May: Franz Dietrich (Paris School of Economics) "A Broomean Model of Rationality and Reasoning"

26 April: Pierre Jacob (Jean Nicod, Paris): "How to Solve the Developmental Puzzle"

12 April: Cyril Hédoin (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne): "Practical Reasoning, Rule-Following and Belief Revision: An Account in Terms of Jeffrey's Rule”

Fall 2017

9 October, Andrea Scarantino (Georgia State University), "Could emotional expressions have been building blocks for language evolution?"

4 September: Workshop “From Minimal to Complex Collective Actions”, with Alice Borghi (University of Milan), Stephen Butterfill (University of Warwick), Sara Rachel Chant (Tulane University), Guglielmo Feis (University of Milan), Matti Heinonen (University of Helsinki), Sandra Larsy (Institut Jean Nicod Paris), Helen Lauer (University of Dar Es Salaam), Kirk Ludwig (University of Bloomington), Michael Schmitz (University of Vienna), Gunnar Schumann (University of Hagen)

Summer 2017

19 July, Book Symposium on "Humean Nature" with Neil Sinhababu (University of Singapore)

16 June, Jean Bacelli (Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy): On Decision-Making with Moral Hazard

31 May - 1 June, Workshop "Cognition in Groups", with Laura Candiotto (University of Edinburgh), Natalia Danilkina (University of Groningen), Angelica Kaufmann (University of Göttingen), Kourken Michaelian (University of Dunedin), Christoph Michel (University of Regensburg), Giulia Piredda (IUSS Center Pavia), Alejandro Rosas (National University of Columbia), David Strohmaier (University of Sheffield), Giuliano Torrengo (University of Milan), Tillman Vierkant (University of Edinburgh)

16 May, Riccardo Viale (University of Milano-Biocacca): Embodied ecological rationality

9 May, Gregory Wheeler (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management): Mispriced gambles: What peers learn when they disagree

8 May, Neil Sinhababu (University of Singapore): Experientialism about Moral Concepts

Spring 2017

10 April, Carlo Martini (TINT, Helsinki): 'Trust and Objectivity in Think Tank Research'

4 April, Daniel Hutto (University of Wollongong): 'Narrative Self-Shaping and Social Action'

21 March, Workshop on "Culture, Cognition, and Action".

Speakers: Vivian Bohl (University of Tartu), Christine Caldwell (University of Stirling), Marco Fenici (University of Florence), Francesco Guala (University of Milan), Richard Menary (Macquarie University), Olivier Morin (MINT, Jena)

23 February, Erik Angner (University of Stockholm): 'There is no problem of interpersonal comparisons'

17 February, Petar Bojanic (University of Rijeka and University of Belgrade): 'Institutions as repertoires of institutional acts: the status of non-social acts'

Summer 2016

"Acting together: Coordination, Collective Goals, and Cooperation" Warwick-Milan Workshop II – Centre for the Study of Social Action Speakers: Blomberg, Kourtis, Tummolini, Fiebich, Curioni, Smith, Battaglia-Mayer, Butterfill

Spring 2016

12 April, Gianfranco Mormino (Università degli Studi di Milano), "Diritto e determinismo in Leibniz"

10 May,  Edoardo Fittipaldi (Università degli Studi di Milano) "Sources, Addressees, Operative Facts: (Possible) Cognitive Elements of Norms and Their Significance to The Investingation of Paranomies"

Winter 2016

28 January  - "Trust in Economics" Workshopwith Massimiano Bucchi (Trento), Robert Evans (Cardiff), Francesco Guala (Milan), Tiago Mata (UCL), Carlo Martini (Helsinki), David Teira and Jesus Zamora Bonilla (Madrid).

5 February, Federico Faroldi (Università degli Studi di Pisa e Firenze / NYU / EPHE), "Deontic Conflicts in (Formal) Semantics: Old Problems and New Solutions"

15 March, Francesco Guala (Università degli Studi di Milano), "Norms and Strategies: from Mixed-Motives to Coordination Games"

Spring 2015

14 April      Christian List (Philosophy and Government, LSE), "Can we design a perfect democratic decision procedure?"

5 May      Joseph Call (Psychology, St Andrews), "Bargains that primates make".

26 May     Natalie Sebanz (Cognitive Science, Central European University) "How t(w)o act together".

Winter 2015

27 January      Nicolas Baumard (Cognitive Science, Ecole Normale Superieure) "Explaining non-cooperative behavior: A life-history theory".

29 January       Workshop: How to Derive Ought from Is (Frank Hindriks, Wojciech Zelaniec, Roberta de Monticelli, Josef Moural).

10 February      Gergely Csibra (Cognitive Science, Central European University), "Human infants infer social relations from cost-benefit analysis of observed interactions".

24 February     Cedric Paternotte (Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy), "The Joint Action-Biological Individuality Analogy".

17 March     Giuseppe Di Pellegrino (Psychology, Bologna) "The Contribution of Medial Prefrontal Cortex to Social Decision-Making and Interactions".

Fall 2014

14 October        Natalie Gold (Philosophy, King's College London) "Experimental Evidence for Team Reasoning"

28 October        Rita Astuti (Anthropology, LSE) "On Entering and Leaving the Lab: Reflections from Madagascar".

11 November    Raymond Duch (Politics, Oxford) "Attributing Responsibility to Collective Decision Makers"

25 November     Pierpaolo Battigalli (Economics, Bocconi) "Revealed Preferences in Game Theory".

16 December    Luca Tummolini (Cognitive Science, CNR) "Tracking the ownership of objects".